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Black Sesame Seeds


We offer carefully cleaned natural black sesame seeds with timely delivery. Also, we also offer two qualities of black sesame seeds – Z-Black (deep black), & General, both are color-sorted. Hence, do not include white seeds. Black sesame seeds have a more concentrated flavor than other sesame seeds & are less common. Black sesame seeds make salmon and other fish taste more delicious.

A2Z Agro Food is one of the biggest Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, and Exporters of Black Sesame Seeds in India. We are regularly export to Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Algeria, Jordan, Armenia, Georgia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, China, Egypt, Australia, Bahrain, Morocco, South Korea, Tunisia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Syria, Canada, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Poland, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Serbia, Austria, USA, United States of America, Chile, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Romania, Lebanon, Latvia, Afghanistan, Libya, Cambodia, Mauritius, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Iran, Brunei, Belarus, Iraq, Israel, Hungary, Estonia, Iceland, Fiji, Paraguay, Finland, Colombia, Myanmar, and Peru.

NEW CROP: May to June, October to November
HSN CODE: 12074090

 Product Name:  Black Sesame Seeds
 Type:  Machine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
 Purity:  98% / 99.% / 99.95% (As Per Customer Requirements)
 Moisture:  6% Max
 Place Of Origin:  India
 Admixture:  1.0% Max (0.05% Min)
 Acid Insoluble Ash:  1% Max
 Oil Content:  48% Min
 Salmonella:  Absent/25g
 H.D.P.E. Bag/ P.P. Bag/ Jute Bag  25 Kg / 40 Kg / 50 Kg
 New Multi Wall Paper Bag  24 Kg
 Customer Requirement  As Per Customer Requirement
 20′ FT Container  19 Metric Tons
 40′ FT Container  –
1. It is suitable to use with bakery products mainly bread sticks, candies, cookies, vegetables, pasta and curry dishes etc.
2. It has also wonderful medicinal benefits and good for your overall health.
3. Black sesame seeds are minerals rich too and preferable dietary fiber item.
4. Black sesame seeds had strong aroma and good flavor. At the same time, it is rich in fatty acids too.
5. The oil prepared using sesame seeds has a distinctive flavor and long shelf life and resists rancidity.
6. Black sesame seed oil relief from dandruff.
7 Black sesame seeds oil has been used as a healing oil.
8. Black sesame seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of piles.
9. Black sesame seeds are nutrients rich and good source of concentrated calories. They are also taken as preferable source of proteins.
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